Waterman BIOCare

Waterman Biocare

Rethink tomorrow, with BIOCare white technology solutions today

Waterman BIOCare ® products provide your business with the latest developments in white biotechnology and bring clean solutions directly to you to help you address your “Environmental Challenges”.

What We Can Offer

Eco Friendly and Biological Solutions to control environmental impacts.

Our consultation service provides technical advice for the biological and selected chemical treatments of industrial wastes. We design and manufacture some of best available industrial and professional cleaning products.

Our Team has wealth of experience in real world applications and we understand the benefits as well limitations of these types of products and techniques and can manage client expectations accordingly.

We can offer various types of solutions such as:

Why Work with Us?

Certified & Solution Driven Staff with Leading Industry Expertise.

We offer a range of innovative and environmentally friendly water solutions.

Over 30 years of leading industry experience in providing total Water Hygiene control, Water Treatment Management and other Environmental Solutions.

We are registered to ISO standards 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 45001, which means our clients will receive fully compliant services no matter what location we are involved with.