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Leading You To Total Water Hygiene Compliance​

About Us | Waterman Environmental Group

Waterman Environmental Group have over 30 years of leading industry experience, in providing total Water Hygiene control (e.g. Legionella, Pseudomonas, Backflow Protection), Water Treatment Management, and other Environmental Solutions to a wide spectrum of clients in both the public and private sectors throughout the UK & Ireland.

The companies within the group complement each other’s product/service delivery, ensuring Waterman Environmental Group is one of the industry’s recognised specialists who can offer both a centre of excellence laboratory and field based technical; and pioneering solutions to issues faced whilst working with water services.

Who We Are?

Waterman Environmental Group have over 30 years of leading industry experience in providing total Water Hygiene control, Water Treatment Management and other Environmental Solutions.

> Waterman Environmental Services (WES)
> Waterman Compliance Services
> Mercian Science
> BIOcare

What We Do?

Waterman Environmental Group offer a range of innovative and environmentally friendly water solutions.

This includes a wide range of products and services to provide a full range of technical capabilities and solutions to help and assist in the prevention of Legionella and other Waterborne Pathogens.

We cover all aspects of water treatment including:
> Risk Assessments
> Monitoring & Maintenance Works
> Consultancy Services (e.g. Authorised Engineers)
> Innovative Solutions.

How We Do It

Waterman Environmental Group utilise experience and knowledge within our company portfolio to provide innovative and environmentally friendly water solutions.

Our management team are acknowledged industry specialists and our combined accolades bring a unique expertise to the market.

Experience, Expertise & UK Coverage

Waterman Environmental Group deliver our services throughout the UK & Ireland.

All of the Group’s companies are registered to ISO standards 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 45001, which means that our clients will receive fully compliant services no matter at what location we are involved with.

The Waterman Group of companies have been registered with the LCA since its conception, this means that any service offered by the group is audited and has to successfully demonstrate our compliance to the LCA code of conduct, this means that our clients can have peace of mind that any of our service offering is compliant.

Waterman Service Capability

Waterman Environmental Group provide a prompt, reliable and flexible service to our clients whilst offering a full range of specialty water treatment products and services. This means that we can offer the clients a comprehensive package of services from a single source.

A Centre of UK Microbial Analytical Excellence

Mercian Science provides a highly efficient and cost effective analytical service which can be tailored to the each of our clients’ needs. Our clients are given access to our LIMS (Laboratory Management System). This operates as a central database for all results, which the client utilise to create trend reports and analyse data from specific locations, providing detailed information and total audit repository.

Advanced Water Quality Sensors

SOL provides an integrated system of automated monitoring which means that our clients will be at the forefront of Legionella management in the UK & Ireland.

Through our Innovative Products & Solutions, we can help reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Our Senior Management Team

Mission Statement

Our Mission

To be recognised and accepted by our existing and potential client base as the UK & Ireland’s leading and most professional & innovative Water Hygiene and Water Treatment Company, protecting our clients fully and delivering the highest level of client satisfaction, combined with providing cost-effective and compliant solutions from an expertise-driven team of highly qualified professionals with up-to-date knowledge of any impending change’ and how to manage it.

Our People

To provide an inspiring enthusiastic place to work where staff can develop long term careers, providing our clients the highest levels of consistent entrusted service.

Our Profile

To develop an increased awareness and understanding of our Brand and our unique portfolio of services, supported by client recommendation and employee professionalism.

Our Environment

To lead by example, being an environmentally conscientious and accredited service provider, which encourages environmental awareness and sustainable business practices.

Our Clients

To develop and maintain long-term sustainable client partnerships, by buying into and caring about their future success and accepting the importance and need to fulfil all contractual and compliance arrangements, exceeding expectations.

Our Purpose

To deliver and develop the highest level of client protection and satisfaction ensuring impeccable levels of through up-to-the-minute compliance knowledge and delivering solution-orientated practices.