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Waterman Environmental Group | Leading Industry Expert in Water Hygiene & Water Treatment

Waterman Environmental Group have over 30 years of leading industry experience in providing total Water Hygiene control, Water Treatment Management and other Environmental Solutions.

We utilise experience and knowledge within our company portfolio to provide innovative and environmentally friendly water solutions. Our management team are acknowledged industry specialists and our combined accolades bring a unique expertise to the market.

Waterman Environmental Group is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 45001 and continually strives to be best in class.

We provide these services through our portfolio of companies:

Waterman Environmental

A leading supplier of legionella control throughout the UK.
Waterman Environmental Services has over 30 years of leading industry experience in providing Legionella Control, Water Treatment Management, and other Environmental Solutions to a wide spectrum of clients in both the public and private sectors throughout the UK.

Waterman Compliance Services

Waterman Compliance Services offer a wide range of Water Hygiene, Water Treatment, Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Water Solutions services to help and assist in the prevention of Legionella and other Waterborne Pathogens throughout Ireland & UK. This includes monitoring, maintenance, disinfections, commissioning, risk assessments, remedial works etc.
Leading You To Complete Compliance.

Waterman Biocare

BIOCare ® products provide your business with the latest developments in white biotechnology and bring clean solutions directly to you to help you address your “Environmental Challenges”.

Mercian Science

Mercian Science are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No 2450), specialising in water and environmental analysis. We aim to provide a highly efficient and cost effective analytical service which can be tailored to our clients’ needs.


SOLmicroTEK™ use physics rather than conventional chemistry or biological techniques to detect biological material. Currently the SOLmicroTEK™ analysers are focused on the detection of biofilm build-up in water systems.